Collection: Nir Giorgio Levin

Nir Giorgio Levin, a distinguished textile designer originally from Brazil, now based in Tel Aviv, embarks on a journey fueled by profound passion for artistry. His path is deeply influenced by his exploration of identity, culture, and human connections.

Collaborating with Knitup, Nir introduces 'LUST UN/DRESS - wearable art knitted collection,' an extension of his renowned 'LUST' exhibition. In this collection, he fuses AI, photography, and knitting to reimagine Christian narratives and challenge conventional perspectives, using red to symbolize a diverse spectrum of human emotions.

With each piece, he aspires to inspire thoughts, foster connection, and contribute to the ever-evolving discourse of culture. His ultimate goal is to touch the souls of his audience, promoting understanding, acceptance, and self-discovery.

Guided by an unwavering dedication to unadulterated creation, Nir's art beckons you to engage with evolving culture and identity. Nir Giorgio Levin x Knitup's wearable art narrates captivating stories, weaving threads of artistry into the fabric of the human experience. Embark on this unique journey where art meets culture and celebrates the human experience.

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