Our Supply Chain

The Maestro of Sustainable Knits

Fully fashioned knitwear – created to form – is among the most design intensive, premium form of apparel production as well as the most sustainable apparel category. We specialize in high fashion, sustainable design, with minimal waste. It’s our specialty. And it can be yours too. However, sustainable fashion must not be simply used as an empty label, but rather be implemented and practiced throughout the supply chain. From sourcing, producing, until it reaches customers’ hands.

Knitup approaches sustainability in several ways, covering the environmental and social impact of the products we produce. Our materials each have a sustainability credential, selected for transparency and accessibility down to the individual. Our partners range from the world’s largest sustainable standard for cotton to some of the most advanced cashmere mills in the world. Our manufacturing partners are also, just generally, ethical; the provision of dignified work for our machine technicians is among our highest priorities. Check out our Factory Code of Conduct to learn more about our production practices. It’s important.

Our approach to managing technology, leveraging the world’s best suppliers, and partnering with thought leaders that share our values, demonstrate our commitment to minimizing development wastage. From the adaptation of virtual sampling technology, our capabilities to allow products produced on demand, down to our 100% compostable packaging that is plant-based and made of non-toxic compostable resin, which is biodegradable and fully compostable, both at home or commercially.

We celebrate creativity. We encourage a broader class of design talent. We want designers to design broadly and produce sparsely on demand. We seek to eliminate barriers for all in entering the fashion industry: because clothing should be made by and for the people that will wear it. This is why we have built our processes around speed as well. Any garment purchased on Knitup Collabs or designed on Knitup will be produced in three weeks from when the order is confirmed. So, while we ensure that the products we offer are better made, our priority around sustainability is also about building a better fashion industry, on better bones, that work for a broader group of people.

Knitup is part of the Fung Group, the world’s largest supply chain manager for the apparel industry and knitwear specialist Cobalt Fashion. We have a track record of working with many of the world’s most beloved clothing brands (since 1906) and are the beneficiary of the institutional knowledge that comes with this. We understand the processes that have traditionally backed apparel production. But we were also founded because of a burning belief that apparel production must change to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and the environment.