The Wearable Art Movement

The line between art and fashion has long been blurry but we believe that art should not be confined to museums and galleries. Knitup Collab shows the power of the artist to transform a garment into something that is both an expression of their creative voice, through its construction or the public discourse created around the piece, as well as something that is more broadly accessible for the public. Putting aesthetic values and concepts inherent in paintings/illustrations/murals and applied in wearable art. Bringing together artists, illustrators, creators, designers and advocates around the world with their unique stories to tell and statements to make. Fashion is for empowerment and self-expression, artists of the Knitup Collab amplify their voice with this alternate canvas – knitwear, to bring to life the fabulous works of these knits of art. We celebrate diversity, creativity and with that we thrive together to make our impact, be seen and support social movements that mean a great deal.