BCI Cotton

Here at Knitup, we use 100% cotton, which is a biodegradable and renewable fibre that is widely used in many of our clothing. Being such a mainstream commodity, cotton is a vital source of income for millions of people. Knitup uses BCI cotton, a global not-for-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable growth and sourcing practices, while supporting the livelihoods of the farming communities. Cotton is one of the most versatile and commonly used materials in the world - that’s why it’s essential that we rely on sustainability programs to ensure our standards of sustainability are continuously met.

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    Total Easy Care Wool

    Knitup uses merino wool that is 100% natural and biodegradable. So, what exactly does that mean? Our extra-fine wool is sourced from merino sheep living on farms in Australia. Merino sheep naturally shed once a year, and when they do, we procure that fleece to give you your shiny and soft yet incredibly warm yarn. Our merino-wool is made from worsted-spun yarns that have been primed with the Total Easy Care treatment; this helps your garments withstand multiple rounds of machine washes without losing their shape, appearance or quality.

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    Recycled Viscose Nylon

    Our recycled viscose nylon is a synthetic material that has extremely versatile use. 65% of the composition is made of pre-consumer recycled viscose, meaning, the material contains excess virgin yarns that have been reclaimed from manufacturing processes. 35% of the material is composed of nylon; another in-demand fiber that has high resilience and durability. With a subtle shine look, viscose-nylon is still breathable, lightweight and cozy, making it a popular material choice for many designers around the world.

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    Let’s face it, we all love a good cashmere sweater. It feels luxuriously soft, yet still breathable on our skin. That’s what makes it the ideal partner to get you through the chillier days. Knitup works with socially responsible mills that source their cashmere from ethical farms in Inner Mongolia; the material is harvested through the cruelty-free process of hand-combing. 

    The cashmere we use is classified as Grade A quality - the fibres are extremely long and fine, meaning, the material is extra soft, durable and has an ability to retain its shape throughout a long period of time. We always bring our best to the table, and our cashmere is nothing short of that.