Coleção: Peytie Slater

Peytie is a young fashion designer and artist currently in their final year at London College of Fashion. Peytie’s designs and artwork often comment on human nature through a playful approach, and aim to promote fashion as an artful and playful expression.

The current PEYTIE. x Knitup collaboration is inspired by the stories from Aesop’s Fables and how it reflects human behaviour. By modernising these fables, Peytie took inspiration from them by bringing the characters to life and using the stories as a way to comment on the silliness and playfulness of human nature. Whether it’s a crocodile going through an existential crisis, a timid fox trying to act tough, or an unapproachable lion just looking to make some friends, this collection is meant to be seriously unserious and make your inner child happy!

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Follow her Instagram @peytie_slater and her TikTok @peytie_slater